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Online  Instrument   Exhibition 

As the collection grows this page will be continuously updated with new works. If there is anything here that you wish to purchase please contact me direct for pricing

Ananke Andante - 2 String Lute in E Major copy.jpg
COVID Blues Mouth Harp.jpg
COVID Blues Finger Tam.jpg
When the project began the artist had a small exhibition in Lane cove Sydney where the "COVID Blues Quartet" was on display for 6 weeks.
This mouth harp was demonstrated in the short film on the home page, a must to see if you have done already.
In some of the earlier works, such as "Ode to Andromeda" the artist explores the sound box in it's simplest form of a concave surface with violin strings using the side of the sound cup to form the instruments bridge
The next progressive step for the artist was of course to form that sound box to amplify the volume of the lutes when played. Ananke Andante and Castalia are fine examples of this next progression.
Percussion plays an important role in music. In this example, "Finger Tambourine - an excerpt from COVID Blues Quartet', the artist explored ways to create rhythmic sounds with moving ornaments and skins to tap.
This tiny tambourine is also Featured in the short video , Instruments by Orpheu5.
COVID Blues Quartet - 2 string lute.jpg
Where there are strings, there are tuning pegs. After exploring the natural shapes that a piano "gave" to help tune the strings to the key they were to be played as in the examples above the artist explored what a violin could share to perfect the notes to be played on the fretless neck.
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